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“It all starts with vision,” the motto of Vision Construction, speaks to the foundation of any business. As a premiere, full-service commercial construction company in Atlanta, GA with 25 years experience and over $500 million in completed projects, Vision Construction is not your typical contractor.



“Managing the actual construction process is the easy part for us. Rolling-up-our-sleeves and getting our clients where they want to go is how we truly differentiate ourselves,” says Rob Barfield, director of development and construction at Vision.


Clients of Vision Construction not only utilize their extensive experience when bidding on a set of plans, but also when selecting the site of their future business, when value engineering construction plans, the design process, developing risk analysis reports, generating cash-on return projections, preparing construction loan documents, allowing access to a personal network of banks and equity partners, as well as filling finished space with the help of trusted tenant development brokerage associates. While Vision Construction mainly serves commercial clients, they also specialize in residential construction from $1 million and up. 


Vision Construction understands that when people buy commercial real estate, they are not just buying dirt, but a return-on-investment, which that property represents. By offering a turnkey project that keeps the re-salability of the property at heart, a real estate agent can sell the end-result of the business and not just the property. In order for real estate agents to efficiently and effectively take advantage of everything that Vision Construction offers, they have developed a special program called “Vision’s Better Together Program” (VBT).


“Enrolling in Vision’s Better Together program elevates you from just selling property to selling what the client really wants,” says Rob. “By enrolling in the VBT program, you instantly gain our 25 years and over 8 million square feet of completed commercial construction knowledge, experience, and services. Every single tool we offer becomes a differentiating factor for you in the market place.”

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“It’s not uncommon for us to show up at one of our real estate agent’s properties for a customer meeting with our design team, project mangers, or financial experts in order to support them with the sale of the property.”


Vision is all about going above-and-beyond for their clients. They know that ever since the 2008 crash, it has become increasingly difficult for a business owner to secure lending. For that reason, they developed a program called “Lending Support.”


“Visions Lending Support program is about supporting our clients with all our experience and knowledge of the commercial lending process, including lending support with the actual development of documents needed for loan approval. Today, the Lending Support program is about rolling-up-our-sleeves and getting in the financial trenches with our clients,” says Rob.


Vision Construction is not just a contracting company; they are developers and businesspeople, who know what other business owners need to succeed, and truly care about seeing them through to the end. “Our strength is building lifelong relationships outside of work,” says Rob. “We build relationships, not just buildings. It’s the people that make me love what I do; otherwise, it’s just putting together sticks and bricks.”


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